Conference Topics


  • Virtual Ambassadors
  • How Brands use Virtual Worlds
  • Metaverse products and services
  • Potential of Advertising in gaming virtual worlds
  • Target Groups in Metaverse
  • The future of digital marketing communication
  • Future of technologies in marketing


  • Homo Metaverse – influence on society 
  • Positive and negative effects of metaversum 
  • Reality versus metaverse
  • Culture and creative industry in virtual worlds 
  • Preparing for life in metaverse
  • The truth and lies in virtual reality 
  • NFT as a new currency a their potential in media and digital games
  • Gaming Industry (in) Metaverse Concepts
  • Web 3.0 is now – experience and future in media and digital games 
  • Crypto Gaming as a new platform
  • New changes and new challenges of gaming


  • Deliberative communication and media, 
  • Deliberative communication in social practice
  • Freedom and ethical regulation of media 
  • Economics of media 
  • Media objectivity and politics
  • Personality of journalists
  • Media literacy of users